7 Different Types of Crimp Tools and Their Applications

Crimp tools are different types of tools that are used to join two materials together by applying pressure or by creating a crimp. Attaching connectors to the end of electrical cables is one of the most common uses of crimp tools. Compression, bending, cutting, stripping and many other similar actions are included in the functions of crimp tools. You will often find electrical connections relying on a terminal with its open end sealed onto the bare end of an electrical wire. The terminals are also known as crimps and are made of materials such as metal, nylon, PVC. The large variety of crimping tools present in the market makes it a challenge to identify the best crimping tool like Molex crimp tool for a particular task. Therefore, it is important to know about their various types and their applications.

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Handheld Crimp Tools

These are the most common crimping tools available in the market. These range from small tools that are used for precision work to large tools that help in heavy-duty crimping jobs. Tools like pliers are used for squeezing action, ratchets for consistent pressure application. The jaws of the tool may vary according to the terminal sizes. Some handheld tools even have interchangeable jaw sets. Molex crimp tools are some of the best quality tools available in the market. 

Hydraulic Crimp Tools

In the production line mostly mechanized hydraulic tools are used but the majority of these are operated manually. They include a cylinder filled with oil and helped by a lever to increase the output pressure. You can rate these tools by the amount of pressure that they can apply. You can measure this in tons per square inch that can range from 8-16. 

Hydraulic crimp tool mostly handles heavy-duty applications. Because of their interchangeable dies, they can handle medium-sized terminals and the steel jaws can close the crimp firmly. The instruments are generally provided with a determination of these—a run-of-the-mill model may contain from 8 AWG (0.12 inch) to 0-250 MCM (0.68 inches).

Hydraulic creasing instruments are not difficult to utilize however require infrequent upkeep. On the off chance that air gets into the chamber, for example, it will diminish execution, so cleansing might be fundamental. Oil seals additionally should be changed occasionally.

Bootlace Crimp Tools

Bootlace crimp tools are specifically designed for bootlace ferrules. Therefore, a different form of crimping is required instead of the standard one. In order to ensure a strong indent, it is necessary to combine precision with pressure. Most of the bootlace crimps include ratchets and are electrically insulated to make sure that the dies are not released unless a strong connection is formed. Crimpers with ergonomic handles are the best in case of comfort and ease of working.

Hammer Crimp Tool

A hammer crimping instrument is an essential, minimal expense gadget, regularly making it best for the people who just need a crimper infrequently. Nonetheless, a hearty and reduced apparatus can endure intense environmental conditions and is frequently found in car shops and anyplace else hard-core crimping is required like Molex crimp tool.

Hammer crimps have height-adjustable rams placed on a sliding carriage and a V-shaped groove at the base. In order to connect the crimp and the cable you simply have to put them in this groove. The terminal can be closed by hitting the wedge-shaped ram with a hammer. A 2- to a 4-pound sledgehammer is considered ideal to get this job done other than that you can use any kind of heavy-duty hammer. 

Mini Crimp Tools

Mini crimp tools are mostly used with wires that are thinner in width. It requires close-up precision and needs to be flexible in narrow spaces. Some mini cramp tools consist of rotatable flip-toe heads which makes them highly effective to be used in Molex crimp tool small spaces. 

Auto Electrical Crimp Tools

Auto electrical crimping tools are designed to serve as stronghold joins between the many connectors and cables within car engines. The most common ones included in this are non-insulated, pre-insulated, battery, and ignition terminals. Each of these has its own different kinds of tools available. 

PEX Crimp Tools

PEX is a flexible plastic material that is used in manufacturing water pipes and it is now replacing steel and copper. Copper and steel tubing are hard to install and heavy-duty tools are required for it whereas PEX is pretty easy to install. You would not require any specialized tools, just a PEX crimp tool is needed to join the pipes in place with enormous pressure. Typically, these tools can be used in combinations with steel clamps by both professionals and DIY enthusiasts. 


After knowing about the different types of crimping tools available in the market you will now be able to choose the best one for your task. We got to know that these tools can be use by professionals as well as homeowners to their convenience. Molex crimp tools are some of the best quality available in the market. 


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