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Linear bar grilles are essential to install in your new project, whether it is your house, office, or other commercial buildings. Be it the residential building or the commercial buildings, the wrong linear bar grilles have the power to make or break the mood. Here we will tell you some benefits of these grilles.

linear bar grille

Benefits of installing Linear Bar Grille

  1. Clean Look: the best thing about linear bar grills is that it provides a clean and neat look and does not create a mess or look ugly. It looks absolutely seamless with the perfect set of linear grilles.
  2. Takes Minimal Space: The Linear Bar Grilles takes the minimum space possible. It can be mounted in any of your walls and ceilings. Therefore, it does not take any extra space.
  3. Hidden: As the linear grilles can be easily mounted on the walls or ceilings, it can easily be hidden. It is not important to show the place where it is installed.
  4. Customizable option: You do not have to leave a space according to the grille available in the market. When you choose the right company, they can make it customized for you.
  5. Air-curtains: The linear grille bars are generally used next to the large windows or doors from where the wind enters the room. The reason behind it is, when the wind comes in, it acts as an “air curtain.”

What is the difference between flanged or flangeless linear bar grilles?

linear bar grille

These are two types of linear bars grille. As the name goes, the flanged style has a lip surrounding the outer edge of the grille. It helps hide any space left between the grille and the wall.

On the other hand, flangeless grilles are the seamless ones. It does not catch the eyes very easily, and it does not have an outer surrounding.

Flanged is largely used in visible or high people’s proximity areas whereas, flangeless is more used in non-visible areas.

What does the best company provide?

The best company provides you with many high-quality features such as-

  1. Air Filter
  2. Required Depth
  3. The frame (Customisable)
  4. Colour (Customisable)
  5. Removable, Fixed, Or Hinged Core
  6. Blade Degrees (Customisable)

Things to take care of while making a choice-

When you choose the perfect linear bar grille for your home, you need to take care of such aspects-


There are many metals available in the market for your conveniences, such as aluminum, bronze, brass, steel, stainless steel, and many more. The finishing you choose may impact the quality of the product. Therefore, choose with care and correct information.

linear bar grille

The Airflow

The airflow of the linear bar grilles is extremely important to look upon. The right airflow is almost everything a grille is about. When you need it for a smaller room, the lower airflow will do the work whereas, you want it for a bigger room, you would need a higher airflow for obvious reasons. Not only the amount of airflow but the direction of the opening is equally important.

Make a personal choice

There are plenty of options available in the market. However, everyone has their own distinct style and choice. It is always advisable to install the one that you think is perfect for you. Moreover, with all the customizable options available with size, color, shape, metal, and other things, it would not be any hustle to get the perfect one.


In a nutshell, choose a company that provides customizable options in shapes, sizes, and others. It not only leave you satisfied but makes the linear bar grille go stronger as well.  Make sure you choose these grilles carefully.

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