Clean Your Industrial Fan Efficiently For Your Pollution Free Business

Industrial fans are of great importance in any industrial setting.  There are different types of fans available for industrial use, but as much as buying the right fan is important, it is equally important to clean and maintain the fan. Cleaning of the industrial fan also impacts the functionality and efficiency of the fan.

Industrial fans are the most convenient and easiest way to cool your room during the summer season. There are various types of Industrial fans like air circulators, pedestal fans, Table fans, or Wall mounts. Other than that, exhaust fans can also be considered industrial fans. These are used for various purposes. However, after a specific time, all of them require proper cleaning.

In this article, we are elaborately going to share the details on keeping your industrial fans clean and eventually keeping your house and the environment around it clean. So we have written down all the detailed information about how to clean which fan.

How To Clean Industrial Fan?

Industrial Fan
Industrial Fan

We have different types of industrial fans, and each of these requires different kinds of cleaning mechanisms. This article will teach you which cleaning process is suitable for which of these industrial fans.

  1. Air-Circulation Fan- These are the plain caged fans, and this is the easiest to clean. If you ever want to clean this fan, always remember never to disassemble the parts because that can cause you a lot of trouble. The correct way to clean this is by using a vacuum cleaner and then softly rubbing it with a cloth. Make sure that you use a cotton cloth to avoid scratches on the cages. Other than that, compressed air is also an option for cleaning these types of industrial fans.
  2. Pedestal Fan- When you are cleaning pedestal fans, then you must begin with disassembling them. Make sure that you have a professional and experienced person take over the charge. Once you disassemble them take each part, dip them in a bucket of soap water and clean the blades perfectly. The edges are the ones that attract the dust most; hence make sure to clean them properly. After that, you can also clean the cage and let them dry to avoid short-circuiting. This will make your fan perfect and clean.
  3. Wall Mount And Table Fans- These are somewhat similar to that pedestal fans. These fans also have grill casing, and you can separate the blades for the sake of cleaning. However, before dissembling, make sure you read the user manual thoroughly. Sometimes wall mounts are almost like the air-circulation, except you have to remove the front casing and then rub the dust off gently.
  4. Exhaust Fan- Since exhaust fans are slightly different from the other industrial fans, it has a different cleaning method. To clean this fan, you would need a special oil, and only experts can do it. It is a complex process, and hence most of the warehouses often avoid them.


These industrial fans are used in big industries and warehouses to circulate good air between the aisle and keep the products in a good state. Here are some of the sectors where the industrial fan is an essential component.

  1. Automobile Industry
  2. Cement Industry
  3. Chemical Industry
  4. Oil and Gas Industry
  5. Power Generation Industry
  6. Gymnasium

All these places use Industrial Fans differently, and hence the dynamic use of industrial fans can be clearly shown from this scenario.


There are different types of industrial fans, and this blog talks about generic cleaning methods for industrial fans.   However, you must ensure that you know the detailed procedure to clean them and always keep the user manual with you.

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