Coach Your Pup to Pick Up Their Little Toys in 5 Steps

Puppy parents can spoil their fur babies with three things – food, treats, and toys. However, once the feasting and play sessions end, puppy owners must deal with another chore, which is cleaning up the living room mess.

Instead of taking the entire cleaning burden on themselves, puppy parents can seek the help of their furry pets to put the toys back in their place. Share the load, we say! However, a puppy needs to be trained beforehand so they know well in advance that there is work after game time.

One word of caution, though, don’t allow your little pup to carry huge or complex structured toys in their mouths. Hard, heavy, or sharp objects can injure your furry baby’s teeth, gums, or jaws. Also, be prepared with cheap dog insurance so you can tackle unexpected pet health situations with minimal economic stress.

While you reflect on purchasing pet insurance, you can read this article to learn how to coach your four paws to pick up their toys after playing.


First, you will need a toy box into which all the used toys will go after playtime. It is one of the simplest ways to organize your furry little friend’s playthings and make your living room clutter-free simultaneously. Choose a durable box that lasts longer, so you don’t have to replace it repeatedly. Plus, it comes in a wide array of colors, designs, and patterns; you can select one that complements your living room aesthetics.

Train your dog to bring one toy at a time, so they get used to it. Also, offer your pet pooch a tiny treat for every successful item dropped in the toy box and appreciate them for a job well done; this way the puppy can cooperate during clean-up tasks.


Try a variation if the typical command “Get this toy” doesn’t work. All you must do is toss the itty-bitty toy in the air and ask your pup to fetch it. Your fur companion will be woofing happy to retrieve that toy for you. It is a brilliant move that most often works with hesitant pups. Make it look more like a fetch game than a toy cleaning chore.


So also, you can help your pup take one step at a time instead of making them feel that putting the toys back in the box is one heck of a task. You can start by placing the toy box near the scattered toys and asking your puppy to drop them one by one into it. The twist is that you will move the box a little farther from the spread-out playthings every time your pup brings one and puts it inside the toy box. This way, the puppy will learn that toys belong to the box like the puppy belongs to the home.


Ensure you use the exact words every time you instruct your pup to get a thing in its mouth. This is an essential step, so your puppy knows how it has to respond when you say a specific phrase to them.


Continue the practice in a loop until your pup masters the art of “picking” and “dropping” toys. Remember, treats, praises, head rubs, and pats on the back can motivate your puppy to keep up the good behavior.

With these steps, even before your puppy understands what cleaning means, they will have mastered it. We repeat once again, just as we tell you all the other times to have an eye on your furry pet. Puppies are unpredictable and must be monitored for safety reasons.

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You can purchase a cheap dog insurance policy that provides basic health benefits or a comparatively expensive pet plan that covers broader medical conditions. So, make a wise choice while purchasing a policy.


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