Why Is It Essential to Install a Commercial Lift in A Multi-Storied Commercial Building?

Suppose you have multiple stories of commercial space, then as per law, all the stories must be made accessible to people, even to the specially challenged people. Whether it is a multi-level shopping mall or a multi-storied office building, you need to install commercial lifts; having a wheelchair facility is a must as per the legislation. There are different designs of commercial lifts as per the required specifications like wheelchair lifts, passenger lifts, dumbwaiters, freight elevators, etc. Commercial lifts come in various shapes, sizes, and designs, which would be suitable for several uses.

12 Common Types of Commercial Lifts: 

  • Passenger Lift- Passenger lifts are used to transport people in residence and business buildings. They often include modern features like television, music, and advertisements. Another advanced type is the express elevators, which are seen in buildings having sky lobbies. The express elevators travel directly from the ground to the sky lobby with no stop in between.
  • Lifts Having Wheelchair Facilities- These are commercial lifts that have an open-air platform. This kind of commercial lift raises especially abled, aged, or diseased people from one level to another. In some wheelchair lifts, tracks are built alongside which there are stairs. However, wheelchair lifts have limitations in the distance they can travel. Still shopping malls, residential apartments, and official buildings have the facility of wheelchair lifts. To accommodate a greater number of wheelchair users or in a tall building, passenger lifts are better options.
  • LULA- The commercial lifts that have limited use or application are called ‘LULAs’. LULAs have limitations regarding the distance they can travel, the maximum weight they can carry, and the surface area of their floor. They are usually used to make the building well accessible, keeping unforeseen accidental situations in mind. Their look and working principle are the same as that of a passenger lift.
    Commercial Lift
    Commercial Lift


  • Freight Lifts- This kind of commercial lift is suitably designed to carry goods instead of carrying people. These can carry heavyweight. Their interior design is rugged so that they can withstand the stress during the loading and unloading of the goods.
  • Traction Lifts- Flat steel pully is used for the movement of this type of commercial lift. This is one of those designs of lifts that were made initially. This type of commercial lift was first designed in 1900 when ropes were used instead of steel belts.
  • Hydraulic Lifts- This kind of commercial lift moves within a cylinder; pistons are fitted with them. They are usually used in a building having 5 to 6 floors. If the number of stories exceeds 8, you cannot use a hydraulic lift.
  • Cable Drum- They have a compact drive system and are reliable and powerful. They run smoothly, and the maximum limit of travel is 6 stories.
  • Glass Lifts- Glass panels are used, and these commercial lifts are for aesthetic purposes.
  • Screw Drive- Screw shaft and drive nut are used for its movement. Their speed is very less and fits well for residential purposes as there is no requirement of machine room for it.
  • MRL- They do not have machine room and are either of traction or hydraulic style. It suits you the best when you need to save space.
  • Outdoor Lifts- These types of commercial lifts are durable as they are made up of aluminum. They travel a short distance and are mostly used to carry wheelchairs.
  • Dumbwaiters- This type of commercial lift is a smaller version of the freight lift. They are also designed to carry goods but on a smaller scale compared to freight lifts. Dumbwaiter These are useful in the kitchen or libraries for transferring dishes and books.

How Much Does a Commercial Lift Cost?

Commercial lifts may range in varied prices, depending on the size, special features, and model you want to select. Usually, commercial lifts are much costlier than compact lifts.

So, choose a type of commercial lift that best suits your purpose and go for one.

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