Facebook Spy App: Top Ten Social Media Monitoring Features

Social media and instant messenger chat apps are like part of our daily life routine. A good morning message with a cuter emoticon or sudden meeting alert at the official chat app we all start our day with notification tone one way or another. As adults, it is even difficult for us to manage our screen time than what can we say about teenagers. Similarly in the presence of so many distractions, it is sometimes very difficult to just focus on work and ignore the group of friends active on the chat group after ages.

Thus to keep things under control we all need a strict eye. OgyMogy spy app offers social media and instant messenger chat apps monitoring features that offer remote access to the target online activities. One can know about every major and minor incident remotely with ease with the use of a spy app. Here are some of the extraordinary features offered by the OgyMogy monitoring software.

Facebook Spy App:

Facebook is one of the most used social media platforms as it has nearly 2.8 billion active users according to the reports of the second quarter of 2021. It is not just a simple entertainment site as many business and brands companies use it as a marketing tool to reach the customers. With the Facebook spy app, one can know about every Facebook activity of the target with timestamp information. Use the app to know about the employee’s activities on an official account or monitor your teen’s online life easily without letting them know.

WhatsApp Spy App:

Whatsapp is another global icon for an end-to-end encrypted chat. OgyMogy offers WhatsApp spy an app to keep a strict eye on the target WhatsApp content. One can not only check the private chats but can also access the group chats as well.

Tinder Spy App:

Choosing a partner was not that much easy as it is at this age as now you can simply select a potential dating partner using an app. Tinder is that app and all you need to do is make your profile and swipe left and right. From a teenager’s perspective, it is not a good app and parents need monitoring features like the Tinder spy app to keep a check.OgyMogy lets the parents know about the tinder activities and even gives them the control to block the target internet facility in case they want to meet a sexual offender as a potential partner.

Viber Spy App:

Viber is another online instant messenger chat app that offers a call and text facility with tons of emoticons and stickers. Know if your employees are using Viber during official hours and warn them about the use of the Viber spy app.

Instagram Spy App:

Instagram is the social media platform to share one’s life in the form of personal photos and videos. Well, not all that is seen on Instagram is truth but everyone is trying their best to fake the funk. Even if you are a parent who wants to keep a check on Instagram activities or an entrepreneur who uses the platform as a marketing tool believe me you need an Instagram spy app in your life. Protect your employees from abusive customers and provide them with a toxic-free working environment.

Snapchat Spy App:

No need to worry about the disappeared content. Use the app to have a backup of all the chat and know about even the disappeared content as well.

Skype Spy App:

Skype is mostly used among the corporate sector for official chatting and correspondence. Use the skype spy app to know about every matter in raw and detail.

Kik Spy App:

No more suspicious queries for the bot in the Kik app. Use the Kik spy and keep the record of all the chatting details of the target remotely.

Line Spy App:

Line spy app allows the user to know both incoming and outgoing call records, text messager media shared through the app.

YouTube Spy App:

Find out about the personal youtube channel of the teen or track those employees who waste official hours streaming youtube videos. The YouTube Screen recording feature is useful in many ways.

Facebook Spy App features offered by the OgyMogy can be used as parental control and employee monitoring.


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