How to Say Goodbye to Hair Problems and Baldness! Here Is The Perfect Solution you Looking For:

Marriage is the dream of every man and women, it’s a precious day for bride – to – be or groom – to – be. Without any doubts both try to be more beautiful and handsome for that day. But here Anita was busy with the marriage stuff, Mr. Ajay was busy worrying about “something”

When they both engaged six month back all things were going well, but as marriage came nearer, he was busy arranging stuffs for their marriage, and when he noticed himself, wasn’t quite as full on top as he used to be. Going to be a groom with a bald head, it was a nightmare for him. – “hey baldie! A guest will shout at me, and rest may do gossips about my baldness…”

Frankly speaking, he is not alone person who think like that, according to study, a huge 70 percent men feels that they are losing their hairs heavily day by day. And 60% faience, wives and girlfriends worry that because of hair loss will have an impact of losing their confidence. This study indicates that how hair loss is concern for many men and a person who love them. Men with less hair often lose confidence and thinks they are looking less attractive than they was earlier.

How to fix this hair loss and baldness?

Basically hairloss and baldness is depends on many factors which may be genetically, or may be occur due to pollution and etc. Generally when you think that my hair is widely lesser and losing hair heavily day by day, do not waste time by showing general physicians, it would be beneficial to consult. Yes CosmoShine knows everything about hair and can treat you very well that other doctors. Right from your scalp to the root.

He will help you to understand the reason of hair loss and baldness. Thinning hair or to repair heavy hair loss most of the specialist recommends Hair Transplant for permanent and fast positive results.

What Is Hair Restoration or Hair Transplant?

Hair transplant is the procedure where surgeon pick the hair follicles from back side and transplant it to the place of baldness it called as Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). Sometime if donor area is weak, surgeons can remove hair from beard and transplant it to bald area it called as Bodyhair transplant (BHT).

There is another method called as FUT Stripe method. In skin strip remove from donor area and place it to bald area. It’s very vital procedure and very few time is used since healing time is very long than FUE method.

Is it permanent or temporary?

  •  Since through this procedure we transplant hair follicle from donor area to bald area, its your own roots of hairs hence its growth will be natural as like donor hair grows
  • Since we transplant hair, it’s totally permanent results.
  • You can trim it off, color as you do with natural hairs previously.

Do I need to continue medicine after hair transplant?

Transplanted hair doesn’t require any medication, but it is advisable to continue medication to stop falling your natural hairs. After all your scalp is also important to get the best look after hair transplantation.

So Friends, Hope so from this blog you will get idea how to say goodbye to your hair problems and get back your confidence and younger days again. For any queries related to hair loss, baldness or want to undergo hair transplant but confused in between procedures, please mail us at [email protected]  or Visit for more information.

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