Is Green Tea Good for Your Health?

it also contains amino acid L-theanine that increases the activity of an inhibitor, GABA, that gives off a relaxing effect to our body. It also increases dopamine concentration and the production of alpha waves that boosts our mental alertness.

It boosts fat burning: As per several types of research, green tea boosts metabolic rate that significantly increases fat burning due to its thermogenic properties. However, keep in mind that not all studies conclude the same stance, which is why its effect may vary from individuals and with test conditions.

How much caffeine does green tea contain?

Depending on where you buy green tea from, the caffeine quantity might vary from variety and brand. An equal cup of green tea contains less caffeine than coffee, but it still acts as a mental stimulant. As a result, people like consuming green tea to increase energy levels, mood and concentration.

What to look for when buying green tea online?

Green tea comes in loose leaves or tea bags, frequently flavored with lemons, honey, or ginger. However, when looking for where to buy green tea, avoid the older bagged leaves. Loose tea leaves, unlike tea bags, are better in quality and freshness.

However, once opened, store it in an airtight container at a cool place to slow down the reactions that reduce phytonutrients content and affect its flavor.

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