Link Building Skills Every SEO Expert Needs to Know About

Link Building is an essential skill for effective website optimization. Without link building, the search engines won’t come to know whether the information you’re providing is valid or not. After all, more citations, backlinks, references you get from other websites imply more credible you’re. Search engines count them as popular votes for determining SERPs rankings. 


For being an SEO expert, link-building skill is something that you can’t escape from. But, learning link building is an art. It takes experimentation, trials, and practice to achieve perfection in this. Definitely, it needs some prerequisites to start with. Without direction, it becomes difficult to proceed further. So, in this article, we’ll lay down vital tips that will help you.


Skills required to be an effective link builder

Learning link building is a beautiful journey that will enhance your SEO expertise. Like other skills present in the market, it needs some must-haves, these are:


Interpersonal skills

Are you good with people? Can you patiently listen to what they are saying and understand their intention and feelings? Interpersonal skills are the foremost requirement to establish constructive link building. Its ability to get along with others. 


If you have it, it is excellent. But yes, it takes people’s observation and the ability to convey things at the right time. Well, it is not mere links but understanding others’ goals and purpose. It helps you find common ground for benefiting both parties. 


Effective communication

Do you possess the quality of communicating effectively? Productive outreach helps in building long-term relationships with others in your niche. Let’s suppose you have a remarkable piece of content. But, how will others come to know about it? Neither will it attract more traffic nor get any backlinks. For this, reaching outside your website can make all the difference. 


Authority and reputed websites can put your website link on their website with effective communication. In this way, you will hit two targets with one arrow:

  • First, get benefits from link juice at the top of the marketing funnel. 
  • And second, improvement in search engine rankings.


Consistency and Patience

Some people have the habit of starting many tasks but not completing even a single task. But such people are not successful in the SEO industry. It happens due to a lack of consistency and patience. For worthwhile link building, these two cards prove to be trump cards. 


Link building involves creating productive emails. The person on the other side may not reply in the time. So, patience will lead your way. But yes, complacency will not solve your purpose. Follow-up emails are equally important. 


Also, you can’t leave links in between. For this, consistency to set up strong links building and regular communication will maintain relationships. 


Ability to pick up most relevant links

Setting priorities lessens the workload and chances of getting distracted. A single authority has the power to take over hundreds of crap links. So, a link builder must have a knack for choosing relevant links over less important ones. You can strengthen this by:

  • Create content worth linking by others.
  • Make the list of links that lie in your industry, niche or cover nearly the same topics.
  • Use SEO tools to check out domain rating, its timeline, online performance, and SERP ranking. Accordingly, you can cross out less relevant links.


SEO experts have years of experience that they can recognize potential links from the list within minutes. 



Link building is not a linear process. Sometimes, you need to change your approach towards link building. But, why? 

  • Competitors may set new trends in the industry.
  • Search engine changes SEO algorithms.
  • Broken links are due to a change in the domain name or closure of previously built links.


So, adopting innovative and out-of-the-box thinking act as your best friend. Thinking from a broad perspective and seeing it from different angles will be valuable. For example:

  • Design creative social media posts to cover worldwide traffic.
  • Writing Press releases combining trending topics and your niche topic to lure journalists. Also, you can use regional data for local dailies to cover news regarding your PR.
  • In today’s stressful life, content with fun elements get most of the shares. 


Also, you can refurbish old ideas to generate new ideas. It is reinventing the new wheel by using previous information as per the latest needs in the market. In this way, link building becomes much easier than it seems to be.


Proper hold in your niche

Do you know your topic thoroughly? Effective link building involves knowing your niche to the optimal level. With this, you’ll have an upper edge while communicating with others. Also, it will increase your expertise and reputation in the market.




In short, link builders need to have some innate talents and personalities. Obviously, brushing them and honing these skills is more than necessary. So, examine the skills mentioned above and analyze how much effort you can put in to be a successful builder and an SEO expert


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