Must-have Shoes And Bags For The Upcoming New Year and Christmas Gathering.

It’s that time of the year again and it’s getting closer and closer as we speak. With every passing day, we are edging closer to the first Christmas day and then New Year’s day, both of them having 6 days separation but the week of these two most awaited dates is a never-ending week. People around the globe wait every year for these two days and these are the days where they can rejoice with themselves and with their loved ones. It’s the time of their life once in a year, so these are such days where everyone gears up for it and everyone prepares for it so that they can be enjoyed the most and with their loved ones.

We do not think there would be one human being in this entire world who wouldn’t want to look good, we believe it’s in human nature to want good things, better things, and being beautiful is a want in its own way so anyone who just doesn’t accept that they don’t want to be beautiful in one way or another, they’re straight-up lying.
Now, men too do want to look good but they are not hugely driven to be so because that’s not how they’re intrinsical, men are always taken as the rough human beings, the protectors. The women are the keepers, who provide internal protection to the household and women intrinsically have a big urge to look more pretty and beautiful.

And so, this New Year and this Christmas in Singapore, the women in Singapore and everyone around the world are gearing up to make themselves prettier for all the events that are going to be ensued in the next month or by the end of the next month.
The problem here is that Women might not know which shoes or handbags to go for. Don’t get us wrong, you might have an idea but we would also want you to consider our recommendations too.

We have in essence provided some recommendations in the case of shoes and handbags for women in Singapore that they can wear for the NewYear Party and Christmas Party to help them better in the decision and to make them look better. So, let’s get started-

Handbags and Shoes for Women in Singapore-

There are so many words that can describe the functionalities a handbag and shoes gives to a woman but all we can do is one thing which is handbags matter and they do more than we actually realize. Besides, whether you get a handbag or heel sandals for any purpose, be it fashion or be it functional or not, it’s a really versatile accessory that you can use to easily dress up your clothing. But hold on to that thought for a while and let us ask you, how are you going to shop for bags if you don’t know what you’re looking for? Sure, you can like everybody else, but without arming yourself with the knowledge about the different types of bags you can buy in seems like a vital step toward amassing an outstanding bag collection, doesn’t it?

And so, to make this effort a little easier and especially since Christmas and New Year are really close by, we can’t have you waste your precious time without deciding and buying anything. This is why we are recommending some handbags that you definitely should get in Singapore for this Christmas and New Year.

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  1. The Saddle Cross Body Bag-

You may not have heard the term “saddle” or you might have and if you haven’t we are sure you would have seen them a lot. You just now came to know what it’s called so that you can check their variations out whenever you’re in India. In anywhere around the World and especially in Singapore, these bags have been grouped along with the other sling bags for as long as we can remember. The name of this bag comes from the traditional saddle that is placed on the back of a horse, and it is so because of the original function it was made for, which was to carry a few essential items when riding a horse. However, after countless classier makeovers and sophisticated designs, the saddlebag has become a must-have fashion accessory. A saddlebag’s distinguishing feature is the front flap. The front flap of a saddlebag folds over and may be fastened with a clasp. They are typically small and have lengthy cross-body straps. It is also a unique fashion icon and teenagers have been greatly intrigued by this bag, you can always match it with a little off shoulder black dress and platform heels.

  1. The Satchel Bag-

A satchel bag is similar to a soft-sided briefcase and is another famous classic version of Women’s Handbags in Singapore. It’s a large bag designed for informal situations, with a largeish kind of loose sack that is attached to a couple of straps. Traditional satchels have a long strap that may be carried diagonally across your body, however recent bag trends have seen various modern versions with slight changes to the basic design. Satchel bags are larger than your ordinary purse, with a rectangular body and a flat bottom.

  1. The Messenger Bag-

The use and advantage of a messenger bag are valued equally by men and women in every sphere of life, albeit the size tends to be smaller in the latter category of consumers. The name as you can read and would have probably gotten an idea derives from the bags formerly used by postmen, but the modern version is sleeker and more attractive, as there is leather and there is also the canvas which are among the most regularly used materials. You could see them as these medium-sized rectangular bags that have a long, thick, and wide strap as well as a fold-over front flap that comes with a clasp.

  1. The Bowler Bag-

A bowler bag, named after the bags used to transport bowling balls, is a medium-sized, dome-shaped handbag with a pair of short, thick straps. Bowler bags typically have numerous compartments on the interior and are adaptable enough to be used with both casual day outfits and dressier night outfits. It’s a trendy retro handbag style from the 1990s. Imagine a woman handbag continuing from the 90s, it might have been really unique, so is the Bowler Bag. With this bag, you can wear it with a nice bareback midi along with pump shoes.

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  1. The Envelope Bag-

It’s precisely what the name implies here, a bag that is in the shape of an envelope. Envelope bags are thin and long rectangular bags designed to be hand-held, with a triangular front flap similar to that of an actual envelope. They don’t usually have straps, although you can get a hybrid of a sling and an envelope bag. These are intended for dressier occasions and gatherings, with only enough room for a few essentials.

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  1. The Bucket Bag-

A bucket bag is similar in shape to a barrel bag, but it lacks the circular ends and a visibly cylindrical body. It’s a little, compact handbag that initially appeared in catalogs of the Italian fashion house Fendi in the late 1990s. If you’ve seen Sex And The City, you’ve probably seen Carrie Bradshaw wearing a bucket bag more than once. This thin shoulder bag is usually accompanied by a small strap-like handle.

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If you ask us which ladies bag mentioned above has intrigued us the most or liked the most then we would say that all of them have intrigued us and have been liked by everyone here. That is the only reason why we had to put these bags among so many available other handbag options. We wanted to recommend the best of the women’s handbags available in Singapore.
And since Christmas and New Year are close, the above handbags are something or have a presence that is exactly matched for the purposes of Christmas and New Year. Everyone goes out during these two days and everyone tries and wants to look better than before. Also, everyone wants to be better too so why shouldn’t you take a look and buy one of the above handbags for yourself. We are sure that you’ll definitely love one of those.
And the above list also plays a great part for men who want to see their women or ladies happy in Christmas and New Year, they could avoid the restless window shopping in malls looking for the perfect handbag, when instead they could get the perfect handbag for their lady just right here in Singapore.
That is the reason we had to provide you with some of the most beautiful and elegant looking Women’s Handbags in Singapore.

We hope you enjoy the read and like our recommendations.
Thank you for visiting and reading. 🙂

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