Office Style Clothes For Girls And Women

Currently, when modern Russian society is a relatively popular idea of feminism office style clothes. No one is surprised that women have their businesses, government leadership positions and are often the only “breadwinners” of their families while their husbands search for a suitable job. In other words, today, a good number of the fairer sex are classified as “business lady” putting on her “fragile shoulders” in men’s roles.

However, to succeed in the entrepreneurial field, it is essential to know how to dress appropriately.

Even the woman to get a job easy secretary must be exercised in office style clothing, and employers strictly follow it.

In any case, there is no reason for pessimism because gone are the days when the dress code allows only a classic combination: a skirt and jacket in dark colours. In modern office style clothes, some have expanded the choice of clothing and its colour scheme.

Of course, now almost every woman wants to know what can and should be tired at work. However, before proceeding with considering this issue, a few words about when and how the office style dress is made.

Bit of history

For the first time, about the clothing businesswoman talking at the turn of the XIX-XX centuries. Until that moment, the woman was only seen as a housewife. She would wash, clean, cook and raise children. Gradually, however, is increasingly in society, “flash” talk of women’s liberation, and shortly after that, the range of interests and responsibilities of the fairer sex has expanded significantly. Naturally, there was a need for a change of clothes.

A style of long straight skirts, dark colours and a white blouse was invented by British tailor John Redfern. Initially, an outfit intended not to work and for recreation. Gradually, she began to gain popularity among office workers, but severe competition suit Redfern outfit has made very Chanel. Officestyle clothes of the time, thanks to its “know-how”, looked quite elegant: a straight skirt to the knee entirely in harmony with the sleeveless jumper, which will replace the blouse.

Features business style of dress

Some say, “meet in the dress.” And in the business environment and refined place, dressed women qualified representatives of the business community as goal-oriented, making timely decisions, and charismatic people. That office style clothes of the first few minutes of business negotiations suggests the following ideas. In any case, the choice of attire for business meetings or suit, in which you will go for an interview with the employer, should be taken with a maximum share of responsibility. Learn more about 3d drawing.

“Fashion – women capricious”

One should never forget that fashion trends are fleeting and easy to replace.

And vamp, vintage, and kezhuel and glamour – all these places have their requirements, characterized by the classic. Officestyle clothes at this point is not an exception. He suggests conservative colours and styles, as well as the impeccable quality of the material.

Don’t know what to wear to work? Stop your choice on pants with a high waist, skirt, pencil, shirt, striped, a turtleneck colour or sheath dress. To make sure that your images are not excessively strict, pick up your wardrobe accessories such as a belt, watch, handkerchief. Many women will be interesting to know what colours are allowed in the business style. Of course, everyone knows that it is the colour of milk and black. Also, classics today are olive, navy blue, cherry, grey, pale pink, beige tones. As for the prints, there is a need to mention three: the cell and a strip of small peas.


Modern office style clothes for girls and involves healthy-fitting shoes to the outfit. It is not forbidden to wear shoes such as flat shoes and heels. However, be sure to accentuate the volume of the latter. The most optimal option is fully integrated with pants and skirts – a heel height of 4 to 6 cm.

Also, do not forget that the shoes should be in harmony with the colour of the dress. If you dress in white shades, it and related accessories should be very similar in the palette.

Classical pants                                                                                     

Office dress style for women is impossible to imagine without the classic cut pants. At the same time, it should not get a black and grey colour pattern. This is because the dark background is visible in every thread and lint. Through the pants can choose a grey vest shade “coffee”. This combination can also be seen as a classic and, in such a possible pick up any monochromatic turtleneck or blouse. However, it should be emphasized again that accessories such as a belt or clutch should also be dark in colour and preferably have a similar texture (leather shoes and leather bag).


Office style clothes for women would not be thought of without such features of clothes as dress-box. They were invented back in 1928, and many women wear them with pleasure today. The advantage of this dress is obvious: it blends perfectly with blouses, shirts, turtlenecks. The image can be supplemented with luxurious necklaces of beads.

If you choose a dress to wear a navy blue blouse, we can recommend decorating an arm bracelet made of natural stones, as it is helpful to supplement the image of a wide belt. As for the colour of the dressing-case, it is best to focus on pastel colours while allowing more saturated colours, but you need to know when to stop.

The blouse

In business-style greet a wardrobe attribute as the blouse. Such clothes are universal; it is decided to conduct negotiations with business partners and use them for everyday computing. If we talk about the material, it is better to give preference to products made of polyester. It is perfect body contours and creases, which are very important in meetings with business partners.


Office-style clothing for women includes such an essential part of the wardrobe, like a suit. She will sit on the female figure just perfect.

Today’s fashion trends allow for different variations of classic models. You can wear a tight, pleated or straight cut skirt with a close-fitting or short jacket. It is also possible the combination of narrow and wide pants with the top dress. Noteworthy is that fashion trends include replacing classical straight pants shorts up to the knee, which must be made of dense monochromatic material. Visually select the dark colour model. If you want to wear tights, their range should resemble shorts.

When it comes to business negotiations, this outfit is not acceptable, and it is better to use the classic version.

The taboo for business style

Of course, choosing an office style of dress, you should always keep in mind that it does not accept the rules. It is mandatory to pay attention to the quality of the items you buy. Too cheap too quickly wear out, proving that the unscrupulous manufacturers. It is better to buy an ordinary thing, but because of good material.

Also, watch out for the colour combinations of your clothes. Some colours may just look ridiculous.

Also at work in the office can not wear sportswear. Naturally, your business negotiations will fail if you pursue them with tights and sneakers.

It is not recommended to appear in the work clothes, decorated with light, semi-transparent material, mesh or chiffon. So show you respect my colleagues ignore and incompetence.

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