Factors that Impact the Resale Value and Potential of a Used Car

A used car has immense potential in the used car market but the price that car sellers will get for it will depend on several factors. Car sellers need to determine and understand which of these factors can impact the resale price of the car and which practices can help improve the value. Once car sellers familiarize themselves with best practices that can ensure a seamless process with the best price, they can have a pleasant car selling experience.

Given below are some essential factors that have an impact on the resale value of the vehicle.

Accepting Trade-in Deals

Car sellers often consider selling their vehicle through a car dealership to sell their used car as they are professionals who have been in the industry for years. They may be a reliable option for car sellers however, car sellers must know that they tend to offer a price that is below the market value of the vehicle. This allows them to keep a massive margin for themselves when they resell it later.

Besides the low-price factor, car dealerships also have several ways to lure in the sellers and benefit from their used cars. One such tactic used by car dealerships is offering trade-ins to car sellers which requires them to sell their car and buy a replacement by settling the difference between the price of the two in a single transaction. The transaction may seem to be simplified by a trade-in, but it does not favor the car seller as they will be selling the used car at a low price. Car sellers are better off selling the car and buying a replacement in two separate transactions so that they can negotiate better and make the most of both deals.

Car Modifications

Selling a modified car is a challenging task as some car buyers may be apprehensive about buying them. Many car buyers consider purchasing modified cars risky as they depreciate faster than cars with default settings. Some car modifications can only be made when an original part is removed. However, this does not necessarily make it more vulnerable to wear and tear.

Similarly, some car buyers may be dissuaded to purchase cars that have customizations such as bumper stickers, number plates, emblems, or odd colors. Cars with modifications and customizations may have a limited number of interested buyers. Some car buyers may also try to leverage the price of the car in their favor due to such features of the vehicle. Customizations and modifications can limit the potential of the used car.

Choosing the Wrong Platform for Car Selling

There are different platforms available for car sellers including car dealerships, classified websites, and specialist car buying platforms. Every platform will have something different to offer to car sellers and there is a chance that the price on each platform for the same car is different. Car sellers who are inexperienced need to gauge the service provided by every platform and then decide which platform will offer them the best price.

Classified websites offer car sellers a platform where they can reach a wider customer base. With their ad, car sellers can share information about the used car and include pictures for visual aid. Moreover, they can also mention their expected price for interested buyers. Then, they wait for potential buyers to approach them for queries or inspection. The process requires car sellers to manage every aspect themselves. The platform is not involved in the process at any stage as it simply connects the buyer and sellers directly.

There is no screening and safety mechanism on classified websites and anyone on the internet can sign up for these websites to find themselves a car. The pricing on the platform is also dependent on the car sellers as there is no pricing guide they can follow. Other sellers also base it on their expectations. If car sellers attempt to match the car prices mentioned by other sellers, there is no guarantee that they will end up with an accurate price.

Car dealerships offer car sellers a price that is below the resale value of the vehicle so that they can benefit from it when it is sold off to another buyer. Moreover, some car dealerships may not have the license to operate. So, if car sellers decide to opt for car dealerships, they need to prepare well for negotiations to get a better price and make sure they check the license of the dealership to avoid scams.

Selling a used car in a safe and hassle-free manner can be a daunting task but it is also the priority of every car seller. Therefore, car sellers must look for a platform that can help them sell in a convenient and safe manner. Specialist car buying companies can add ease to the car selling process by offering a 100% hassle-free car selling experience. Car sellers can begin the car selling process with a quick price estimation using the car valuation tool. They need to provide basic information about the vehicle such as the model, make and age. The car valuation tool then provides an estimated market price of the vehicle.

After the online estimate, car sellers can book an appointment for the car experts at the company for a careful and detailed car inspection that also includes a test drive. After the inspection is completed, car sellers will be given the final offer by the specialist car buying company. The offer is non-obligatory which means that car sellers who are not ready to sell their cars can walk away after the inspection. They will not be charged for the evaluation and inspection as this service is provided free of cost.

Those car sellers who accept the final offer, can sign a sales agreement, and receive the payment against their car through an electronic bank transfer. In this way, car sellers can sell their used cars at a fair price conveniently to a reliable platform.

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