Ruby on Rails Vs WordPress: Which one is the Best?

Ruby on Rails Vs WordPress – Are you looking for a unique comparison between Ruby on Rails Vs WordPress? In this article, you can gather all the information. The final goal will be to see which of them is more appropriate among them and which one you need to use.

What Is Ruby On Rails?

Ruby on Rails is simply a framework that is written on Ruby language to build intricate web apps. The main language here is Ruby which is based on a model-view framework. Therefore you are able to make web services according to your own choice. You can also build web pages. However, you will need some technical information regarding it.

What Is WordPress?

WordPress is simply an open-source framework where you can build websites. It can operate on PHP. You can build any site you want using WordPress. It was started as one for creating blogs. But now, you can use it for almost any kind of site with the help of this. It offers a CMS with which you can instantly create the websites you want.

Can You Build A Site Combining Both WordPress And Ruby On Rails?

In case if you are a non-technical person, you will definitely have this question in mind. The direct answer is NO. Both of them are not the same in several aspects for creating web apps and websites. Even both of these languages are dissimilar. Consequently, it is not possible to use both languages together.

Detailed Comparison on Ruby On Rails Vs WordPress:

Ruby On Rails Vs WordPress: User Interface

WordPress has a prodigious user interface for admins. It is very comfortable to use, but it might get a bit boring for a few people after using it for quite some time. Nevertheless, you can effortlessly navigate it from a menu along with some other settings. Adding more themes, setting themes, etc., is something very easy to do. It will take away your least amount of time. For users, you can set several themes. In addition to this, there are numerous free and paid themes available.

The user interface of Ruby on Rails can also be very easy to use. You will get the consistent user interface that you might have encountered at several other places. In addition, there are a few templates available for admins. You can use these admin templates. Therefore for the user side, you can use it for developing the front end. Similarly, if you want, you can also add something distinctive to it, but you will require coding knowledge for it.

Ruby on Rails Vs WordPress: Better SEO and Performance

If you are starting a blog, you need to look for the best platform. You will also have to analyze the SEO of the platform. If you have an exceptional SEO, you can definitely rank it better. Consequently, you surely need to consider it.

WordPress provides rudimentary SEO directly. For superior SEO optimization, several plugins are accessible, such as Yoast SEO, Rank Math SEO, etc., which you can use to check SEO ranking. Such plugins assist you with SEO ranking on your blog on Google. Therefore it is tremendously convenient to configure and takes hardly 10 minutes for the whole configuration. Moreover, it will give you a better chance of ranking on Google. The performance also depends on numerous things such as the theme which you are using, plugins, hosting provider, etc.

ROR (Ruby on Rails) gives a great competition to WordPress, especially when it comes to the performance of your websites. You will get prodigious performance with no additional features given in-built. Therefore talking about SEO, you will get the basics of SEO, but you will have to put in the effort to manage everything. Moreover, there are no significant plugins available.

Ruby On Rails Vs WordPress: Type Of Hosting Platforms

There are always several other costs that are involved while creating a website and operating it. You will have to select a good hosting provider.

WordPress is definitely lightweight and will require only a few resources. Therefore, you can host your site using any shared hosting package. Using shared hosting is rather fast, and it will permit you to host any site at an affordable price. Additionally, if you are looking to scale up your hosting, you can confidently select a VPS or opt for cloud hosting. Moreover, managed WordPress hosting services are available that use the technical side for managing it with a hosting company. In simple words, you can easily get web hosting services for WordPress with cheap pricing using premium hosting.

Ruby on Rails utilizes more resources. Consequently, there is no shared hosting to host your Ruby on Rails. Navicosoft offers you top Ruby on Rails Web Hosting since it is very popular. Ruby on Rails hosting can optimize everything very efficiently by providing pre-installed features, uninterrupted updates to the modern version, and expert support. Navicosoft provides you specialists, for Web hosting ruby on rails with consistent and reasonable pricing. Ruby on Rails Web Hosting lets you build a dynamic site with all the best benefits of using database interaction. For Web hosting Ruby on Rails services, you need to analyze all the details and features first.

Ruby on Rails Vs WordPress: Price 

It is important to keep track of pricing for all the platforms as well. WordPress is free, and all you need is a web hosting provider to support your WordPress. Moreover, you can install it with just one click. Therefore almost anyone can move ahead and use WordPress. If you are searching for added functionality, then you can easily add a plugin if you want to. There are multiple free and paid plugins that are accessible to everyone. If you are considering the front end, then you will also get themes with it.

On the other side, you will require assistance from a developer if you are creating any web application using Ruby on Rails. The price depends on the developer. In addition, there is definitely a maintenance fee which you need to consider. Finally, you will have to pay extra charges for the theme (front-end) along with all the functionalities. Developers generally charge more for Ruby on Rails in comparison to WordPress.

Get the Best Ruby on Rails Web Hosting from Navicosoft!

Navicosoft understands the significance of various Ruby versions. You can pick a Ruby on Rails version from all the Ruby on Rails version selectors available for your application. Navicosoft allows you to select any version fulfilling your requirements. Hence you can relive this super-fast processing using the latest CPUs to boot. The best part is that Navicosoft supports Ruby on Rails Web Hosting on all the Linux Unlimited, Linux Basic, and Linux Reseller Web hosting plans. Web hosting Ruby on Rails packages lets you access all the Linux Hosting features without any essential requirement for any added server-side software.

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