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Whether you are a teacher, student, researcher, businessman, or employee, you must have stuck at a point at least once in your life when you have to edit a pdf file. As we all know the pdf format cannot be edited and that’s the very reason why the developers have made this converter software (to keep people from altering a file content without the permission of the owner). 

However, sometimes, even a pdf file needs to be edited for adding more information, remove misleading data, and correcting errors, etc. The only lifesaver that can help you to turn such an impossible thing into a possible one is the online converters. 

The web is full of such pdf converters that can readily change the format of a pdf file into an editable format like Word, PowerPoint, and excel. Besides converting pdf to these widely used formats, can you also change it into other non-editable formats like JPG, PNG, etc? 

The only problem is to find the most credible and the best pdf converters in this huge crowd. Since the risk of data theft and privacy leaks are quite high on the internet, no one should share any kind of confidential pdf file with any random converter. Then how would someone know whether a tool is credible or not? 

Don’t worry, since we have reviewed several online converters and selected the top-rated and safest tool to share with you in this article. All these tools are supported by our thorough testing and approved by our experts. What are these pdf converters and why do we like them the most? Let’s find out. 

Top-3 PDF Converters

  • URPDF – PDF to Word converter

On reviewing and testing so many pdf to word converters, the only one that we like the most is the URPDF. The main reason why it’s our favourite is as follows

  • Free to use

The first and foremost feature which attracted us is that it’s completely free to use. While searching for the pdf to word converters on the internet, you will find plenty of tools that would, undoubtedly, offer exceptional services and make you able to complete conversion in a fraction of a second but they get a huge share from your hard-earned wages in the name of subscription charges or monthly packages. Thus, the best and most alluring feature of this tool is that it doesn’t ask you to pay even a single penny. You can do unlimited conversions and use unlimited tools without any restrictions.

  • Easy to use

PDF to editable word is extremely easy with URPDF. You just need to drag and drop your pdf file to the platform and click the convert button. Similarly, the other operations, like editing the file, sharing the word document, extracting pdf pages, or merging two different files into one, everything could wrap up by clicking some keys.

  • Spin PDF – PDF to PPT converter

Converting pdf to ppt is not as simple as converting pdf to the word since the layout of files may get extremely different during conversion. That’s why spin pdf is on our list of top three converters since you don’t have to worry about formatting or layout disruption using this tool. The other features of this PDF to PPT converter that won our hearts are as follows

  • Preserved layouts and formating

Spin pdf converter allows the user to change and maintain the layout and formatting in the final ppt file by providing multiple advanced setting options. While converting a pdf to a ppt, the text style, font size, and even the line spacing are kept exactly the same as it is in the original pdf file. However, if you want to change some things from formatting like removing notes, comments, or adding information, you can do it as well. 

  • Get preview version

pdf to a ppt converter will give you a chance to have a look over the preview file. By seeing the preview version, you will be able to know how your pdf file will look like after converting. 

  • URPDF – PDF to JPG converter

PDF to JPG converter should be highly efficient and quick to convert formats. Since the efficiency of URPDF tools is unmatched by any other online converters, it pdf to jpg converter is approved by our experts. Its most heart-winning features are

  • Supports multiple formats

This pdf to jpg converter doesn’t only cover the jpg conversion instead. It supports a wide number of other image formats including PNG and GIF. Thus, in this way, you don’t need to switch to any other tool to complete your task.

  • Straightforward interface

If you are looking for a pdf to jpg converter having the simplest and straightforward interface. Then you should give it a try to UrPDF pdf to jpg tool. You can perform so many types of tasks. These includes editing the texts, graphics, fonts, images, watermark, colour, background, etc. Even if you don’t have any experience of using online converters.

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