UnicornGO Unlimited Graphic Design Service Review 2021

Are you looking for some authentic information regarding UnicornGO graphic design company? If yes then stay put as here you will get to know everything about it. Keep reading to get a hold of the best unlimited graphic design and content writing services. 

First of all, let us tell you what UnicornGO is and how it serves you. 

UnicornGO – The Best Graphic Design Company

UnicornGO is the best platform for marketers to get their work done with high-quality. It offers both graphic design and content writing services – you can subscribe to a monthly plan or email them separately to get their services the way you require. 

You must know that whether you are a marketer or a business owner, without a captivating design and content, you can’t really persuade people to buy from you. Ultimately, all you need is “innovatively created marketing collateral”. Therefore, UnicornGO is always ready to serve you. 

Regardless of how complicated your work is, you can rely upon the creative team of UnicornGO. They’ll understand the assignment and breathe life into your ideas in the best way possible. 

Let’s go ahead to know what kind of services you can get from UnicornGO. 

UnicornGO Unlimited Graphic Design Services Include:

  • Ad Banners Designing 
  • Logo Designing 
  • SMM Posters Designing 
  • Memes Designing 
  • Flyers Designing 
  • Posters Designing
  • Blog Images Designing 
  • Product Covers Designing 
  • Infographics Designing 
  • Restaurant Menus Designing 
  • Email Templates Designing 
  • Powerpoint Templates Designing 
  • Email Signatures Designing 
  • Mobile UI Designing 
  • Website CTAs Designing 
  • Business Cards Designing 
  • Print Ads Designing 
  • Brochures Designing 
  • Letterheads Designing 
  • Etsy Banners Designing 
  • Invitation Card Designing 
  • Gift Card Designing 
  • Facebook Page Optimization 
  • Background Removal 

 UnicornGO Unlimited Content Writing Service Include:

  • Blog Post Writing 
  • Website Content Writing 
  • SEO Content Writing 

Take in account that other than these, UnicornGO also offers custom job services – which includes:

  • Video Editing 
  • Animation 
  • Programming 
  • Web Designing 
  • Web Development 

In case, you have any other task to be done then you can contact them as well. 

UnicornGO Subscription Plans

You know what the best thing about this UnicornGO is that it offers affordable monthly-based subscription plans to lessen the burden of marketers who require unlimited services of graphic designers and content writers.  

Take in account that UnicornGO offers three monthly plans, all of which comes up with the following features:

  • High-quality Graphic Designs
  • Unlimited Content 
  • Day-to-day Output
  • Source File Submission 
  • 14-day Money Back Guarantee
  • No Contract 
  • Cancel Anytime 

Now, let us tell you about the pricing of each plan and how they differ. 

  • Sparkle Plan – $399 
  • Recommended Plan – $599
  • Big Unicorn Plan – $999

The only difference in these plans is that:

  • $399 plan allows only 1 design request at a time 
  • $599 plan allows 2 design requests at a time 
  • $999 plan allows 3 design requests at a time 

If you require more than 3 designs at a time then you can email them to get a bigger plan than these. 

Bottom Line 

According to our analysis & review – UnicornGO has been providing the best unlimited graphic design and content writing service so far.

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