What different lipsticks have to offer and what they don’t?

Everyone knows that the cosmetic industry is full of choices. There is so much variety for everything that people often get confused about the right choice for selection. When it comes to lip products, many articles can help beautify and embellish them. These vary in their functionality.

Some products are simply for beautification while others help to improve their health. For example, lipstick and lip gloss are for enhancement, whereas lip balm and chapstick help heal lips. These endless choices render many bewildered. They are confused about the right product and also their use. However, one can always find the best and fitting item through extensive studies.

Lipsticks are some of the most versatile products. These are available in many types that all contain every shade. Every lipstick holds its own qualities and characteristics. These products vary in their formation and effect. All these products come in their custom lipstick packaging, which presents its shade and other characteristics.

Pros and cons of different lipsticks:

As mentioned lip cosmetic market is full of options. One can find lipstick essentially in any shade and color. However, lipstick choice is not only about the shade. Selecting lipstick requires a list of other characteristics. One must consider the wearing duration, nourishment effect, safety aspects, and occasion requirements when purchasing the lipstick. Many makeover newbies often get confused about the choice of product. Each lipstick product holds its pros and cons. One needs to find what suits them and their requirements the best. Here are the pros and cons of different lipsticks:

Cream lipstick:

Cream lipsticks are smooth and effortless to use. These are rich in texture and nourishment due to the abundance of oil and butter. These also contain a high amount of wax that protects the lips from drying. Due to such formulation, these have more staying power than others. These are slightly shiny, but for a glistening, add lip gloss on top. Cream lipsticks are famed for their smooth application. Their custom lipstick packaging is small and rectangular, personalized according to their details.

These are waxy and can wear off when they come in contact with things, such as tissue. So need repeated prepping and priming. These are also not suitable for hot climates as they can melt. So people cannot carry these in bags in summer.

Sheer Lipstick:

Sheer lipsticks are also called satin lipsticks. These contain a high amount of oil that helps nourish and moisturize the lips. These are the best choice for dry lips and make them glossy. Their hydrating look is best for casual wear. These are usually thin and long. Their boxes are according to their shape customized to fit them.

These lipsticks can help dry lips but appear light lighter on lips.  Sheer looks darker in its package, so one cannot judge the color they will give on lips. Also, these require a repeated application for the proper look.

Matte lipstick:

Matte lipstick is famed for its flat look. These appear bold and dark in color. These have intense pigmentation, which makes matte long-lasting. Matte gives a smooth and even texture. These come in the signature form of lipstick and are available in all shades and tones. Thus, their packaging is made according to their bottle.

Matte lipsticks lack oil and can appear dry. These can appear crunchy and clotted on dry lips. Due to their staying power, if rubbed or touched, these can smudge and look unclean. Thus, matte is not everyone’s cup of tea, and newbies are advised to avoid it.

Moisturizing lipstick:

Moisturizing lipsticks are nourishing and hydrating. It contains many moisturizing agents like aloe, glycerin, and vitamin E. These keep the lips soft and give a smooth look. There are many benefits of using these lipsticks. Moisturizing lipstick not only keeps the lips wet but also gives shine to them. These will add a glossy look to the lips. The custom lipstick packaging of moisturizing lipsticks highlights all the product benefits and qualities.

Apart from their healthy effect, moisturizing lipstick is not fit for most occasions. These give a very light color and do not give a proper lipstick look.

Pearl Lipstick:

Pearl or frosted lipstick are shimmers. These are known for their glistening and sparkly look. Frosted lipsticks usually contain mica or glitter mixed in them. These materials are responsible for the shine and glittery look. These also have a similar design and packaging as most other lipsticks. But some pearl lipsticks come in glass bottles. These require protective packaging to keep them safe.

One of the main reasons that people avoid pearl lipstick is its drying effect. The addition of mic and glitter makes them heavy on lips. Also, these can get the lips dry, chapped, and cracked.

Gloss lipstick:

Gloss lipsticks are a combination of both lipstick and lip gloss. These contain the shine and watery look of gloss but have the color of lipstick. These not only add color to lips but also make them look plumper. Also, gloss lipsticks are hydrating for the lips. These are popular among the younger audience as gloss lipsticks give a thin, light look. These come in lipstick or gloss form, so their packaging is accordingly.

These do not give much color and have a short wear duration. Also, gloss lipstick requires a repeated application due to its light coverage. These will only work for casual wear.

Liquid lipstick:

The liquid lipstick comes in bottles with its applicators and is becoming increasingly popular. Liquid lipsticks are the most pigmented kind of lip product. These are the go for options for an opaque look. Also, these are long-lasting and do not transfer to other things. Some people also find it a little easier to apply than lipsticks because of the liquid texture. These come in bottles, and their packaging must protect them from damage.

Some people do not prefer liquid lipstick due to its few demerits. Firstly, these lipsticks completely dry out the lips. This drying emphasizes dry patches and the cracks on the lips. Also, these wear off from the inside part of the lip that does not look pleasing.


In conclusion, there are several lipstick varieties, each with its pro and cons. These all come in their custom lipstick packaging that is appropriate for their type.

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