Why Brita Faucet Filter Light Is Not Working? (Reasons!)

Brita faucet and pitcher filters use an indicator light to tell when they need to be replaced. Sometimes the Brita faucet filter light won’t work. How will you know when the filter needs to be changed?  

Traffic light signals play an important role in better transportation. A Brita indicator is also useful for getting accurate information about filter life.

If your filter data is not accurate, your water quality may be affected, so that your filter may exacerbate your health issues.

After 2-5 years, a Brita tap filter light may not work due to a non-replaceable sealed battery. 

If your Brita filter is still under warranty, you can get it repaired or replaced by contacting Brita support.

Brita water filtration systems come in a variety of styles, and the indicators differ from product to product. The cause of the Brita faucet filter indicator not working is hard to determine.

How do Brita electronic light indicators work?

In order to maintain water quality, Brita products have LEDs to indicate when the filter needs replacing.

A device’s indicator measures how often it is used and notifies you when it needs to be replaced after a certain amount of usage. After it has reset, the countdown begins.

There is no direct connection between the indicator and the filter. It works like a timer, based on how long Brita assumes each filter will last on average.

To get the lights working, you have to follow a series of steps, but once set up, the indicator will work regularly.

Brita pitcher electronic filter indicator work

In pitchers, the indicator serves as a simple timer, measuring how often you use the pitcher and reminding you when to replace the filter based on how often you use it.

In general, the indicator is not a necessary part of a Brita water filtration device, whether it is a faucet or mini pitcher filter, serving more as a guide.

If your Brita indicator still does not work after a reset, the battery might be dead.

There is no need for an indicator at all. Remember to change the filter in your device regularly or replace it when the water starts to smell or taste bad.

Brita’s Battery Policy

Brita filters are effective, as you know. Therefore, the battery policy is the same for all LED smart light meters or memo indicators.

Batteries in all indicators are non-replaceable and designed to last for two to five years, depending on the model. 

Also, you can use it when the Brita faucet filter light is not working due to a dead battery. You have to calculate how long each replacement filter lasts manually, however.

Indicator lights on a Brita faucet filter

Brita’s complete filter indicator light is located on the front base of the filter, making it easy to see.

There is only one Brita smart light replacement indicator. The color changes based on the remaining filter life.

Brita’s indicator works completely automatically. It does not require manual activation or resetting once the filter is replaced.

After replacing the faucet filter, the light indicator becomes solid green.  If this does not occur, remove and reinstall the new filter.

Indicator light sequence

Brita filter shows light indications that tells you about the current status of filter.

  • Green color

The filter indicator shows when it has only 20 gallons/75 liters or around two weeks left:

  • Color split (Green and Red) = In the Basic Faucet Filter System.
  • In the Complete Faucet Filter System, flashing Amber/Yellow means that the filter is working.

When the filter needs replacing:

  • Solid Red = In the Basic Faucet Filter System.
  • Flashing Red = In the Complete Faucet Filter System.

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