Why is Online Counseling Growing? How to Consult a Psychologist Online?

Online counseling is the system of delivering professional mental health counseling services via the internet. Computer-aided technologies are used by trained professional counselors and individuals seeking counseling services to communicate rather than use conventional face-to-face interactions. This type of counseling is also referred to as e-therapy, cybertherapy, or web counseling.

It is also important to know the benefits of consulting a psychologist online.

For a hassle-free booking, the Bajaj health card offers many interesting features in its application for patients looking for the same. Live chat, video conferencing, online booking of appointments, and many other facilities are available. Read about them below.

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Benefits of Online Counseling

In today’s world, where people tend to practice social distancing, opting for online counseling sessions has become very easy for patients. It abides by the rules of social distancing and is completely hassle-free.

Some magnificent benefits of online counseling are as follows:

1.  Accessibility

Online counseling is filling the unmet needs of the clients located in areas under-served by traditional counselors. Rural residents, people with disabilities, and minorities often have an easier time finding suitable therapists online than in local communities. It also makes counseling accessible to those clients who face difficulties in keeping up with the appointments during normal business hours while decreasing the number of missed appointments for in-person therapy. For top-class therapy, the best psychiatrists in Chennai will be available for you.

2.  Convenience

Online counseling has the potential to deliver umpteen levels of comfort and convenience to both customers and therapists. Both the therapist and the client can easily connect for the session from their respective locations. College students, working professionals, and individuals who have limited time or local travel conditions have the convenience of seeking help from wherever they are located. Online sessions are convenient for those clients as well who have anxiety disorders, Agoraphobia, or social anxiety. With Bajaj health cards, the patients can easily book their appointments and choose their time slot for the therapy.

3.  Different Ways to Communicate

Online counseling offers different means to the patient to communicate with their therapist. Not all patients open up in front of the therapist. Others may take time to think and analyze their issues. For that reason, online therapy can be in written form like over emails. It may also be held over texts or a phone call. In other circumstances, if the patient is likely to go for video conferencing, that is also available.

Some patients struggle to describe how they feel overwhelmed, so it’s easy to communicate over the call or through video conferencing. This way, the therapist can also pay close attention to what the patient wants to convey.

4.  Comfort zone

The therapists ensure that the patients feel free and comfortable during the sessions. Due to this reason, many patients feel free to go for online sessions rather than face-to-face ones.

Each patient has their level of a comfort zone, and this level of a comfort zone is expected during the counseling sessions. Staying at home and attending sessions in an environment familiar to the patient helps them open up about their problems in front of the therapist and feel free to discuss all the issues. The patient will be able to be in their element where they are comfortable in their therapy session.

In online counseling, the patient speaks freely before the therapist, and the latter shall provide a better solution. For best therapy, it is recommended to go to the best psychiatrist in Chennai. That is why we highly recommend this type of counseling in need. You can also take your time and determine what is best for you.

5.  It Is Good For Group Therapy

For group therapy, the other person concerned is also needed in the same room for the therapy to begin. However, if you consider the existing scenario due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is difficult to come together. Hence, online counseling in such cases is the best medium to consult a psychiatrist as this ensures safety at every step of the way. Online counseling sessions are beneficial for couples and families as well. It allows them to speak about their problems and come up with an appropriate solution. The best part of an online counseling session is that it gives room to people if they want to sit back together or sit down and resolve their issues.

6.  Cost-Effective

Online counseling sessions are less expensive than face-to-face sessions. Lesser costs make it more accessible to people with limited pocket allowance.

How to Consult a Psychologist Online?

With the rapid increase in digitalization and globalization, everything is now available online. From booking appointments to consulting a doctor and other details are all available online. The Bajaj Finserv application acts as a one-stop solution and serves all the needs that a patient desires.

The application has multiple features that make it hassle-free for the patient. It has an option of online booking of a psychologist on a particular time slot, where the patient gets the focused attention of the psychologist. The payment of the doctor’s fees can also be made through this app itself. Not only this, it takes appointments for lab testing as well. The patients can book their slots for testing beforehand, which helps them save time.

The Bottom Line

With the growing social events and busy lives of people, online sessions have always been a boon. People seek convenience over everything, and online consultation with a psychologist is the best way nowadays. It saves time and money. It also gives a sense of comfort to patients from any geographical region.

Through Bajaj health care, the patients can easily book with a psychologist, their fee payments, book for lab testing and use many other features. That is why we recommend that you use the app today and make the most of it in need.

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