Design Your Custom Candle Boxes with Distinctive Customization Features

There is a time for everything. New inventions are mode day by day and take the old things places. Similarly, in the way of custom candle boxes there is a time of it. It was talked about around 200 BC when the candle was invented. But with the passage of time, the electric bulb has taken the place of candles. After this invention, the use of candles became low, and now candles are only used in events. In this way, things never die is come true because candles are still in use. Now the candles are used commonly in events like Christmas, Halloween, and many more. 

Even so, candles have their own place in the market, people used candles for decoration as well. The different shapes of candles are designed, and scented candles are also invented for developing increasing in its demand. As the demand for candles increased, the competition is also increased. Now the customers demand designed candles with attractive packaging. As your packaging can increase the worth of your product similarly, customization options also help you design your custom candle boxes attractive. Following are the options that can help you in customization.

Selection of Suitable Material for Custom Candle Boxes

There are different and attractive materials are used for custom candle boxes according to the candles and demand of the customers. In the customization, you can use any material for the packaging of the candles. In this way, tin boxes, Kraft, cardboard, or corrugated boxes are used. Not only that, there is also a variety of box shapes, but you can also choose it according to your need. For your information, using eco-friendly material for the packaging of candles is an excellent option for you. Customers also prefer eco-friendly packaging, and this Kraft, cardboard, or corrugated materials are easily available in the market. It is cost-effective as compared to the other materials used for the packaging. 

Customized Sizes 

You have the custom sizes for your boxes that you can design and style your custom candle boxes according to your candle’s need. The perfect size of the custom candle boxes can help the candles to protect from damages and also give the customers the best experience. As you may observe that, something you buy a product from a supermarket, its packaging is perfect and attractive, but when you open the packaging, you will get a small size product in a huge packaging. So this will exert a negative impact on the customer’s mind. Furthermore, if the packaging size is more bigger than the product, so there is a chance that your product may be damaged.

Selection of Type of Printing

There are a variety of machines used for printing, the reason for the variety of printing is because every machine gives a different look to your boxes. Following are some printings used for designing custom boxes.

  • Offset Printing: Offset is the most commonly used printing for different purposes. There are different rollers used from which the image is passed, and these rollers have different inks that produce an image on the materials. These printings are commonly used for flyers printing, newspaper printing, and boxes printing. 
  • Screen Printing: In screen printing, there is a screen is used for printing. This printing is carried out by forcing different colors or designs on the screen that produce an image on the boxes. This is the cheapest printing as compared to the other printing options.
  • Digital Printing: Digital printing is an effective and modern technique of printing. You can design your custom candle boxes in attractive and quality printing. Digital printing is a method of printing a soft copy image onto the boxes. So this printing is the most popular and commonly used printing option.

There are many more options for printing because, with the passage of time, new inventions are being made, and new technology is taking the place of old ones. Not only that, the efficiency of new technology printing is more than the old one. But these printing options that are discussed here are commonly used for the printing of custom boxes.

Customized Designing for your Custom Candle Boxes

The design depends upon your creativity. You can print any design on your custom candle boxes that can attract customers. Your printing plays an essential role in engaging customer traffic because it can help your brand to compete with your competitors and differentiate your brand from other candle brands. It is the process of choosing designs, attractive colors, fonts, and other attractive options that can help your brand to attract the customer’s traffic. 

Print Logo to Get Recognization

Developing your brand identity is the most valuable and essential option for your brand. You may have noticed that there are many brands that are spending lot of money on advertisement. As you know, your custom printed candle boxes are a source of your branding and making your brand identity unique from other brands. Printing your brand logo on the custom candle boxes can help the customers to identify your brand in the group of other brands. It also helps the customers to recognize your brand for a long time.

Try Add-Ons to Provide your Custom Best Experience

Add-ons are simply the additional material used to decorate and protect your candles from damages. There are different types of coating, additional colors, die-cut designs or windows, inserts, and many other things that are used as add-ons. These additional add-ons help the customers to trust in your brand. Not only that, these additional add-ons can make your custom candle boxes more creative and attractive, they change the look of your product. If we talk about the strength of the boxes, then coatings are a great option. Coatings are the layers coated outside your boxes to provide strength and save your product from damages.


As you know, if you design your custom candle boxes attractive so it can engage the customers to your brand. It also helps the customers to differentiate your brand candles from other brands of candles. Use the customization options and make your customers satisfied by providing them best products and packaging.


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