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Reasons To Do Yoga Teacher Training in Bali Today 

Of all places in the world, why Bali? Many of you may ask this question. So, if you are searching for yoga teacher training, you should be headed to this Southeast Asian country today. There are many reasons, why you should go to Bali for yoga teacher training, and not any other place. India for that matter, is the birthplace of yoga. So, you might argue, that it is the best place where you should learn yoga. The Yoga Teacher Training in Bali can still offer a different kind of experience, one that can leave you blissful. 

Let us find out the reasons, why you should train in Bali. 

Reasons To Choose The Yoga Teacher Training in Bali 

  • Spiritual Environment 

The spiritual environment in Bali is quite different from other places. Moreover, you can call it more conducive. You will find the culture very immersive and inspiring, too. There are more temples and monasteries in Bali, than in India. So, you will probably not miss India, when you head to Bali to practice yoga. Bali is the island of Gods. It is blessed with seas, beaches, hills, temples, rice fields, and unique traditions. The rituals themselves can be quite mind-boggling. You will find the Law of Karma, getting precedence over everything. The Balinese way of life, is very different as well. There is a different kind of spiritual energy, which you will come across, the very moment you step in Bali. The Balinese say their prayers daily, at least three times a day. The Balinese also follow several spiritual rituals, like ‘Melukat’. It is related to purification. 

Yoga is a spiritual practice, so Bali is the best place to learn and practice it. It is also considered as a highly effective healing ritual. So, you can gain the most from it, while practicing yoga in Bali. The Yoga Teacher Training in Bali is soaked in the spirituality of the place, so much so, that you will never miss other places. 

  • Great Climate And Weather 

You can also talk about the environment in Bali. Bali boasts of a tropical climate, with endless beaches. It also flaunts lush green vegetation, for the entire year. Moreover, it enjoys a cool climate throughout the year. Most people head to Bali in the dry season. However, as yoga enthusiasts you can head to Bali in the rains as well. Schools like Living Yoga School have both indoor as well as outdoor yoga practice spaces. In the rainy season, you will find less number of tourists. So, it is good for your spiritual escapades. Moreover, you can find an ideal spot to practice yoga, amidst the greenery. The school also double up as spa retreats, where you can get a massage according to Balinese traditions. The yoga sessions are likely to bring you both mental as well as physical satisfaction, in Bali. 

  • Best Yoga Teacher Training Courses 

Now, coming to that part, for which you read till here. The yoga teacher training that you are looking for, is available in Bali. It is not a secret for the world, that Bali is one of the top destinations for yoga. You will find the best teachers in Bali, who teach yoga and meditation. Moreover, the syllabus is as immersive. You will learn yoga, the holistic way in Bali, Ubud. It is one of the epicentres of all learnings. 

As a part of the syllabus, you will learn about both modern and ancient yoga, lifestyle yoga, Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, adjustments and alignments in yoga, nutrition, and therapy, the science of chakras, bandhas, mudras, anatomy, physiology, contemplation, mantras, and mindfulness. Karma Yoga also assumes a lot of importance in Bali. 

Now, these are reasons enough for you to make that final choice, of heading to Bali, for your yoga teacher training. Living Yoga School is among the most prominent schools, which you can visit in Bali today for your pursuits. 

The Yoga Teachers In Bali – The Best Reason To Be There 

It is not just the school, or the syllabus, that impacts your yoga learning. The teacher who imparts the knowledge also plays a huge role in shaping the lives and careers of the students. You will find the below qualities in the yoga teachers, who teach at the prestigious schools. 

  • The yoga teachers in Bali, teach authentic yoga. They do not try to be someone, they are not. They are not perfect human beings, as that is something, for which one life is not enough. However, you will find the teachers to be the perfect ‘Gurus’ as yoga can be learnt only under the Guru-Shishya tradition. 
  • The teachers have the highest level of yoga certification in the sphere of yoga. They are mostly RYT 500. So, you learn from the greatest Gurus. The knowledge that such teachers carry is of immense value in today’s times. 
  • The yoga teachers are very supportive and communicative, as well. You will find them guiding you at every turn. There are many types of issues that may arise in the yoga class. The teachers are adept at handling everyone and every such instance. There will be different levels of students in the yoga class in Bali, but you will find the entire class environment to be well-handled. 
  • The yoga teachers have a unique way to handle the students. They are at best, very flexible. 
  • Moreover, you will find the yoga teachers to be without ego. You can share your problems in yoga, with an open mind. They will help you to overcome them, in no time. 


You should pursue your Yoga Teacher Training in Bali, without a second thought. The place is the best amongst the rest, when it comes to spiritual avenues like yoga. Another feature, which we probably missed out, is the safety aspect. There will never be a moment, when you feel unsafe in Bali. The culture is universal, and welcomes everyone. The best training happens at Bali, at Living Yoga School, today. 

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