The main reasons for training in web development

For several years now, the professional world has become aware of the importance of knowing how to code in order to be able to respond to new issues relate to the digital transformation of companiesLearning programming and web development languages ​​can now open many doors like learning modern language.

Understanding the world of tomorrow and being able to create and innovate: web development is first and foremost personally enriching. It also significantly boosts professional opportunities since it is possible to make web development a real profession as a freelance or even within a web agency.

Knowing how to code and learn a programming language (HTML, Javascript, Python, etc.) thus brings personal and professional advantages and this is what we invite you to discover in detail.

Why learn to code?

Let’s first take a look at the personal benefits of learning a web development language. Indeed, in addition to the important professional opportunity that web development offers, learning to code also allows you to benefit from enriching assets on a personal level.

Understanding how the world of tomorrow works

Programming is the source of everything that will be create tomorrows, such as connect objects, autonomous cars, or even voice assistants. Today’s world is connecting more and more to the internet and this trend will only increase in the future.

Learning web development allows us to be prepare and understand how the world that will soon be around us works so that we can better use it.

An essential skill for the future

Beyond understanding the world and how it works, knowing how to code appears to be a skill set to become essential in the future.

Just like English, programming languages ​​will soon become ubiquitous in the professional world, which is why children are sometimes train from an early age in programming in order to familiarize themselves with this new skill. Learning to program also helps develop logic and the ability to solve problems . This is indeed one of the advantages of learning web development: promoting the development of certain qualities whether in children or adults.

The possibility of creating and innovating

Not everyone who learns programming will ever have to create the new Facebook. However, knowing how to code gives you the opportunity to create a project on your own.

If you have the creative soul and you want to innovate by creating a site, an application or even a software, you will have the capacity to do it and to make your contribution to the world. If you are looking to become a boss of your own business, knowing the fundamentals of web development will not be too much.

Why learn web development? -2

Why choose the profession of a web developer?

In addition to the personal benefits that learning web development can bring, it is also a great professional asset.

Many companies are indeed looking for web developers to help them design their digital projects. Thus, the profession of a web developer is a very rewarding profession for the future with multiple advantages.

Web developer: a profession of passion

Above all, the majority of web developers are heading towards this profession out of passion. The profession of a web developer is indeed a profession of passion and it is important that you like programming before considering becoming a web developer.

It is possible to self-learn the basics of programming languages ​​such as HTML and CSS in order to test the activity and allow you to know if the profession of a web developer is suitable for you. Testing with free tutorials is indeed the best way to find out if you are passionate about programming or not.

The passion for the profession can also be found in the areas in which it is possible to work as a web developer. Indeed, almost all professional sectors need developers for their digital projects and as such, certain professional missions will please you more (sport, health, finance, etc.).

The possibility of training at your own pace

One of the great advantages of being a web developer is being able to train in a personalize way. So you can choose to learn at your own pace according to your desires and needs. This advantage is common to many web professions whose training is integrated both in a classic way in universities and schools, but also in a digital way to learn quickly from home.

Thus, it is possible to train in web development within a school in 2.3 or even 5 years in order to obtain a diploma, but it is also quite possible to follow accelerate training for intensive learning that will only last a few months.

Finally, it is also possible to train yourself if this way of learning suits you better.

Freedom at your fingertips

Not only is the field of web development vast thanks to the diversity of programming languages ​​and the diversity of the customer base, but it is also vast with regard to the lifestyle. A web developer can indeed work under different statuses  :

  • within a company that has a constant need for the development and management of its sites or web applications;
  • as a consultant for a portage company;
  • as an independent (freelance);
  • within a web agency (digital agency).

By becoming a web developer, you will be able to choose your way of working and the advantages of your status. Rather office hours or flexible working hours?

As the demand for web development is very high, you will easily find employers or clients depending on your status. Teleworking, coworking, in a web agency or even for a start-up: the choice is yours.

A versatile and rewarding profession

Being a web developer doesn’t just mean you’ll spend your day coding. On the contrary, the job involves very diverse and rewarding missions.

Many developers work every day to solve problems using algorithms. Thus, developers face issues to be solve on a daily basis. The job is thus rewarding each time a problem is solve.

High and scalable compensation

Finally, the profession of a web developer is attractive since it allows you to earn a good salary. The remuneration of a web developer depends on various criteria such as:

  • the skills and technologies use by the web developer;
  • geographic location (higher salary in large cities);
  • the type of business in which he operates;
  • the sector of activity in which he operates;
  • the technical issues to be resolve. 

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