What options you can choose from for your garden watering system

Depending upon your garden size and personal energy capacity, you can choose either automatic or manual watering options for your garden. Also, some weather conditions require frequent watering, and some do not. So, depending on the feasibility, let’s dive into some options that you can consider while choosing an irrigation mechanism for your place. If you have an extensive green area and need professional help for installing the system, consult a plumbing contractor to make sure the system is installed and works flawlessly.

Water Can

The simplest most straightforward method is to use a water can having a funnel-type outlet to sprinkle water manually. This is commonly used in residential areas and is the best option if you have plants situated on concrete grounds instead of soil. Also, if you are young and can carry a water bucket easily, it may become a healthy exercise for you leading to some mentionable benefits.

Rain barrels

Rain barrels are used to store rainwater that can be used afterward. The barrels are commonly used in hilly areas where it rains frequently. You can use the barrel and connect an opening for a tap or a pipe to use for watering the greenery around. A residential plumber may help you set up the system if you want.


For a big field, if you prefer manual watering options, hose is the best choice. It works best for watering a lawn or garden. Though it can be used for flowerpots that are situated on concrete floors, it creates a mess in that case because the water spreads here and there between the pots as you cannot manually stop the flow of water after every pot.

Drip system

An advanced method that can save you from wasting time in dragging the pipe every day into the garden and instead place a semi-permanent hose that targets specific locations. Drip systems have a main line, usually a pipe that spreads across your field that contains holes or drops buttons that allow water ejection at specific points, usually placed near trees or plantations. Advanced customized drip lines are also available in which you can insert drop buttons at locations of your choice.

Popup sprinklers

Another efficient yet elegant way of watering your green patch is popup sprinklers. They come in various designs and functionality options but commonly, they are a few inches tall and have a radius or an arc length of a few feet around them. Also, the radius changes with time and hence water is sprayed evenly across the round area in a few minutes. This technique saves time and does not destroy the appearance and decoration of your lawn. These are also known as inground sprinklers.


There are many automatic and manual watering options to save your time and budget and ensure that your plantation stays hydrated. Make sure to consult professionals if you are deploying a system on a large scale to avoid any wrong decisions that may lead to financial losses.

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