4 Best Washing Machine Filters For Hard Water

Do you live in an area where the hardness of the water is higher than average? Your washing machine and clothes will probably be adversely affected if you answer yes to this question. Hard water is characterized by dissolved minerals or salts, and it contains a higher percentage of calcium and magnesium.

Mineral salts can cause the limescale build-up inside your washing machine, resulting in a shorter life for your appliance. Moreover, it is not appropriate for your clothes as well since hard water usually creates a residue film on clothes when it comes into contact with detergents. 

Because of this, your clothes look dull and stiff even after washing multiple times, and you generally curse your washing machine for it.

Best Washing Machine Filters

1- PURIFIT Washing Machine Filter

The next item on our list is the PURIFIT women’s clothing sale Australia, which uses a different kind of water filtering substance to offer amazing results in softening hard water. Before we proceed, we must inform you that this particular option will also cost you more than other filters on this list

This will be a full worth investment in our opinion; we are saying this because of its impressive ability to remove impurities from water. You will receive one washing filter, two silicone rings, and one tape out of the box.

The washing filter is supplied with a prefilled cartridge containing a few balls. As per manufacturers’ claims, these crystal balls are more effective than activated charcoal, as they are made of high-grade polyphosphate crystals.

 2- Watamate Softo S4 Washing Machine Filter

In the next spot, this time we got something affordable and highly aggressive against hard water. As such, we have decided to put the Watamate Softo S4 Washing Machine Filter on the third spot of our list. The first highlight of this filter relates to its filtration process.

Watamate manufacturers claim this filter has a multi-stage or multi-level filtration system. The most important part of the cartridge is the crystalline balls that remove impurities from the water used for washing clothes.

The multi-stage filtration of this Watamate Softo S4 Washing Machine Filter has been rated highly by many users. Talking about the second most significant highlight of this filter, so it is the large filtration capacity.

3- ECO CRYSTAL Merit Nylon Water Softener

Usually, the detergent doesn’t make more foam with hard water, and ultimately it indicates that the detergent is not dissolving in water properly. As a result, your washing machine will have a low washing performance, however it is not the machine’s fault.

You should take a look at this particular option of our list if you wish to solve this problem without investing in premium quality and a more expensive water softener or water filter. On the fifth spot of our list, we have chosen a product that doesn’t cost a lot and delivers exceptional performance.

As a result, we have given ECO CRYSTAL Merit Nylon Water Softener/Filter a chance. In order to clarify, this filter contains fine crystals inside, which work the same way as a water softener.

4- Iron Pro 2 Water Softener Combination

We have the iron pro two water softeners for washing machines after that. This is a good iron filter as well as a water softener. It also has a high flow rate for whole-house use.

It also has a grain capacity of 64,000, and these grains are ideal for removing iron and magnesium. A key feature of this product is its tiny mesh grain, which is great for preventing scale buildup. The iron pro is also guaranteed for five years.

The digital meter displays all units as a result, so we recommend purchasing it. Additionally, the hardness of the water is reduced to 76 GPG. Additionally, iron pro eliminates up to 8 parts per million of iron and 6 parts per million of magnesium.

A brine tank and a bypass valve are also included in this water softener. Moreover, you can install the water softener yourself at home by studying the instructions.

Due to this, iron pro water softeners are the best option if you want to get a water softener for your washing machine. In addition, an iron filter is included, so you don’t have to buy it separately. Additionally, the water softener for washing machines is of the highest quality.

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