Manual and Digital way of learning Rounding & midpoint

Consider the following scenario, you’re attempting to pay for dinner and you have a margarita costing $2.09, a croissant priced $3.82, and a burger for $4.38. When it’s time to pay and you need to quickly figure out how much money you’ll need, rounding amounts to, like, $2 + $4 + $5, which equals an estimated sum of $11, simplifies computations. 

It’s also easier to discuss and grasp a numerical value when it’s rounded. For example, instead of saying, I save $375 a month, you could say “I save approximately $400 a month from my daily pocket money. Therefore, rounding the number provides others a good notion of how much value you are talking about without being precise while also making it easier to understand.


In this article we would learn the manual and digital way of rounding as well as the concepts of midpoint.



Rounding is the process of simplifying a number while retaining its value as close to its original as possible. The end result, on the other hand, will be less precise but much easier to use. 

For instance, 83 rounded to the closest tenth is 80, because 83 is closer to 80 than to 90. When rounding a number, you must first determine what you are rounding to. We can round figures to the closest tenth, hundredth, thousandth, and so on.

Rounding numbers makes a number appear less complicated, however, it also makes the number less precise. Another excellent reason to utilize rounding is that you don’t always need to be precise.

For instance, if a passenger meets you at the junction and ask abut up next train, instead of telling them you have to wait 53 minutes, you might tell them they have to wait an hour (60 minutes) for the next train.


Manual Way of Rounding

The manual process of rounding is as simple as a pie and doesn’t require complicated calculations to do so. There are 2 general rules for rounding numbers manually, which are followed whether you are rounding decimals or integers. 

The same rules go for fractions as well as simple whole numbers. Furthermore, depending upon the type of numerical value (decimals, fractions, integers or whole numbers) some additional rules are implied.

  • However, the first thing to do is consider what numerical value you are going to round off whether it’s up to 10’s place, 100’s place or thousand’s place. 
  • Secondly, the most basic rule is to increase the last digit to the nearest tens, when the digit that needs to be rounded has the next to it value is greater than 5 or 5.
  • Conversely, when the digit next to the number that needs to be round off is less than 5, in this case the rounded off value is to reduce it to the nearest ten’s value.


Digital Way of Rounding

Sometimes, rounding off fractions and decimals become quiet tricky and complicated task and doesn’t provide accurate approximated values following manual ways. However, in such a cases the best way is to use a digital way of rounding.

round off calculator are the most efficient to round off digitally without any error. Moreover, the algorithms of the rounding calculator are designed following all the rules of rounding to provide results according to requirements.


What is Midpoint

When someone is discussing a point that’s halfway between two points and needs to find out that halfway. Then they are talking about and required to find out the midpoint of the segment. The endpoint calculator helps to find the midpoint online with 100% accuracy.

The midpoint of a line segment is the point that lies halfway between the line segment’s ends. It is going to be discussed in this section of the section. However, we can define midpoint as,

A midpoint exists between any two ordered pairs that is precisely midway between them. This is true in both two and three dimensions (x and y coordinates) (x, y, and z coordinates) respectively. For simplifying the calculations, as there are only two endpoints in two dimensions, the midpoint (or mean) is also taken as the median.

The average of a segment’s endpoints can be used to calculate the segment’s midway. This notion aids in recalling a formula for determining the midpoint of a segment given its endpoint coordinates. As we know to find the average of two integers we have to divide their total by two.

When determining the precise midpoint between two specific points, the midpoint formula will use. This formula will use to get the point that bisects a line segment specified by two points for a line segment.


Digital way of Midpoint

After understanding the manual way of solving midpoint we are going to discuss, how we can solve midpoint online? The answer is easy . As the world is going towards digitalization, how can education be still in the manual world? Online Midpoint calculators are awesome tools that easily solve midpoint questions in a blink of an eye. These kinds of tools are becoming the eye stars of everyone. These calculators are not like manual one which you have seen in your life. These calculators work on algorithms that obey your orders. You just have to put your equation there and click on the solve button. 

Here you go !! You have got your answer. Enjoy!!

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