These 7 Secrets will help you to know how to transfer money from credit card

Online credit card money transfers have now become intermediate support in case of any urgent cash shortage problems. There are instances when your credit card cannot be used directly for payments. You first need to transfer funds from your credit card to your other account and then complete the transaction.

Transferring money through online modes has become a cakewalk in this digital age. Now, different platforms provide money transferring facilities with the ‘Wallet to Bank’ feature wherein you can easily transfer funds from credit cards to your bank account.

When the question ‘how to transfer money from credit cards’ comes to your mind, the limitations and charges involved in fund transfer from a credit card to your account (savings/current) should also revolve around your thoughts. That said, it is manageable when compared to a personal loan that charges a high-interest rate and processing fees.

If you are looking for supplementary options other than a direct credit card to a bank transfer, then the Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank SuperCard should be your ideal choice. This credit card is power-packed with features of 4 cards in one credit card and it provides you with interest-free cash withdrawal services.

With the Bajaj Finserv co-brand credit card, you are not required to pay interest for the first 50 days. Also, you get a lot of transactional benefits like cashback offers, discounts, and reward points on your shopping by using this SuperCard.

Furthermore, you can also consider money transfer credit cards, specifically curated for such requirements. By using these credit cards, you can easily transfer money to your bank account. The added advantage of these cards is that they charge a very low rate of interest for a certain time frame.

7 Secret methods that answer your question ‘how to use credit card’ to transfer money from a credit card

1.) Using Net banking: When the question ‘how to transfer money from credit cards’ comes to your mind, net banking should always come first in your thoughts. You can directly log into your net banking portal and raise the request for fund transfer using the available credit limit on your credit card.

2.) Using Western Union Money Transfer: It is one of the most sought-after money transfer facilities which allows you to send funds across the globe. The first step involves completing a free-of-cost registration on the website. Then you are required to input the beneficiary details to complete the transaction. You are provided with a Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN) through which you can track the status of your transaction.

3.) Using phone call service provided by the bank: If you have urgent fund requirements and you cannot perform online transactions, then money transfer using a credit card is always just a phone call away. You have to contact your customer support executive and request him to help you in performing the transaction.

4.) Using Paytm wallet option: Paytm is a type of money transfer platform which allows you to carry out fund transfers from a credit card to your bank account. Using this method, you need to first add money to your Paytm Wallet by using your credit card. Then, you can proceed to transfer the amount to your account. You can also send money from your Paytm Wallet to any mobile number or UPI ID.

5.) Using PayZapp mobile payment app: PayZapp allows you to do online shopping and assists you in money transfers to your account or any mobile number. A maximum amount of Rs.  5,000 can be transferred in one day, the monthly limit being Rs. 1 lakh. Your transaction time should lie between 3 AM and 9 PM.

6.) ATM Cash Advance Facility: The cash advance facility helps you to withdraw cash through an ATM using a credit card and then you can deposit that amount into your bank account. Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank SuperCard provides you with an interest-free cash withdrawal facility for up to 50 days.

7.) Using Cheques: This method is also called the ‘Cheque to Self’ facility. Here, you have to write a cheque in your name and submit it to the bank. The money is then transferred from your credit card to your bank account.


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